Noris 008

Welcome to HOPE FOR ANIMALS…. a non-profit organisation set up by Norica Prigoana, to help the plight of the street dogs and dogs subjected to terrible cruelty and imprisoned in the Public Shelter, in Gherla, Romania.

With little help and a small amount of Donations, Norica rented a small plot of land and built her Shelter ‘Kimba House’. Here she has brought to safety, hundreds of dogs, on a rolling basis, as one dog is rehabilitated and re-homed, another is brought in its place. Up to 50 dogs reside at Kimba, at any one time.

In 2014 we embarked on huge project, to purchase some land and build a shelter where our dogs and many more will be safe and cared for. MAGIC LAND was born!
At auction we fought to have the highest bid, we were successful and on January 7th 2014, we received the keys to ‘the dogs future sanctuary’.

Since then we have survived purely on donations, from food sponsors, fundraisers, online auctions and people who want to help these ‘Angels’.
Now in 2016, we finally paid the mortgage on the land the shelter is now safe.
We have risen in numbers from our initial 50 dogs, to 164 at present. We have homed many dogs throughout Europe and hope to continue, until every angel has a that fairy tale ending with a forever home of their own.

We are only able to continue with the kind donations of our supporters. We are forever in your debt.